Costin Ioan

AwareNow Multiplex HBV/HCV/HDV Rapid Test
LIF 2022 Alumni

Dr. Costin-Ioan Popescu is leading the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) team in IBRA. Costin-Ioan Popescu defended his PhD thesis at University of Oxford in 2005 and continued his training as a postdoc in Dr. Jean Dubuisson’s lab in Institute Pasteur of Lille. In 2010, he started the HCV team in IBRA developing four directions of research: identification of endogenous factors involved in hepatitis viruses life cycle; drug screening using the HTS platform managed by the group; design of new HCV antigens to be used as new HCV vaccines and development of rapid diagnostic tests for hepatitis viruses screening.Recently, he founded Prothenor Biotech which has as a mission the democratization of the treatment cascade by fast and cheap point of care diagnosis.